The SaZerac

Herbsaint - Peychaud's Bitters – Simple Syrup – Rye Whiskey

A Pre-Civil War New Orleans cocktail.

Legend has it that Antione Peychaud was serving this secret concoction of ingredients to his patrons at his French Quarter, New Orleans, pharmacy in the late 1830's.

Originally made with Cognac and Absinthe - The Sazerac became immensely popular causing Peychaud to coin the phrase ‘cocktail. As time went on certain ingredients became more difficult to acquire in the United States - prompting a switch in the Sazerac to American Rye Whiskey and Absinthe flavored Herbsaint. 

Respect tradition and raise your glass to the worlds oldest or first cocktail.

TASTING NOTES: A Leisuremann's Sazerac celebrates the harmonious blend between Rye Whiskey and Absinthe. Instead of real Absinthe flavoring we use a subtle licorice blend along with cane sugar simple syrup to round out the Rye Whiskey equation. This cocktail is best served on neat, straight up or on the rocks - Cheers!