Bee's Knees

Lemon – Honey Simple Syrup – Gin

A Prohibition favorite filled with generous lemon and honey flavors.

Initially concocted in the 1920’s to disguise the funkiness of homemade gins, this prohibition era classic cocktail wasn’t named ‘The Best’ for nothing. (Bee’s Knees means ‘The Best’ in 1920’s slang)

Boasts a full flavor profile of both lemon and honey simple syrup this true speakeasy sensation is equally at home with the most robust gins of today and yesterday.

P.S. Did you know you can make 5 different cocktails with this one mix? Gin = Bee's Knees | Bourbon = Hot Toddy (Warmed) | Vodka = Honey Lemon Drop | Rum = Bee Sting | Leisuremann’s 75 = Regular Mix + Gin + Champagne

TASTING NOTES: A Leisuremann's Bee’s Knees celebrates the bleed of a perfectly balanced cocktail. Right out of the gate vibrant lemon shines opening up the door for sweet honey profiles to compliment the floral notes of good gin. This cocktail is best served on the straight up, on the rocks, or neat - Cheers!