Cranberry – Sweet Citrus – Vodka

The world’s original pink craft cocktail.

Whether in a dive bar in New Orleans or in a fancy restaurant in NYC, the Cosmopolitan is as ubiquitous of a cocktail as they come.

Originating in the mid 1930s as a gin drink the cosmo began to catch main stream popularity in the 1990s where a small show, Sex and the City, made this once little known drink into a craft cocktail power house.

TASTING NOTES: A Leisuremann's Cosmopolitan celebrates the balance between vodka, sweet citrus, and tart berry. This balance, though hard to achieve, shine bright in this cocktail. Best served on the rocks or straight up - Cheers!

EVERY JAR PURCHASED GIVES BACK! “To move forward you must give back”, thanks Oprah for the great quote! So, for each jar purchased we will donate a percentage at the end of the year to a charity that helps women in need. It’s really a thank you and more importantly a small step for us to help make the world a better place.