Not your average Daiquiri... or is it?

190 Octane - Pina Colada - Strawberry - Mudslide - Jungle Juice - CAT 5 Hurricane - Rum Runner - Eye Candy - White Russian - Crawgator - Peaches & Cream - And on, and on, and on...

If you're unsure what these flavors are associated with, consider yourself a member of the LUCKY FEW. If you're in the "KNOW", like us,  you have indeed ventured to the dark side of the moon or at least your nearby Daiquiri shop, LOL!

With the Pink Floyd references aside, let's talk some history and fact.

Louisiana, where we are based,  is steeped in Cajun, Creole, and pretty much every other cultural influence under the sun. We have things like Cochon De Laits, Mardi Gras, Geaux Cups, and Drive-Thru Daiquiri Shops. Yes, you heard me correctly, DRIVE-THRU DAIQUIRI SHOPS. And, yes through is spelled "thru" on purpose. 

 Jesters Mardi Gras Daiquiri -

Jesters Mardi Gras Daiquiri -


These shops are on most corners, intersections, and heavily populated parts of town designed to attract not repel potential patrons.

Louisiana Law states, it is 100% legal to purchase a Daiquiri via a drive-thru just as long as there is a lid on your beverage and the accompanying plastic straw does not break the lid/liquid barrier. Logical...right? Of course...two thumbs up!!!

Rewind for a minute, to the release of our Classic Daiquiri Mix. When we released our second mix we knew there would be a struggle as your average drinkers didn't know the original, Classic Daiquiri dates back to the mid 1930's Cuba with some curious men, some lime juice, some sugar, and a whole lot of Rum.


Fast forward to now, most Daiquiris from your local drive-thru shop, are fruit concentrate based, sweet, and served more as a slush than a straight up drink. (not sure what "straight up" means - check out our "Know What You're Ordering Leisure Log) 

Daiquiris, from a tasting note, tend to lend themselves to more of a portable hangover machine than what most people would consider as a outstanding cocktail experience. 

With that said, we felt challenged and sort of stumped; pondering the gargantuan question that loomed - How can our Classic Daiquiri mix become like a "Drive-Thru" Daiquiri that people love?

The answer was deceptively simple - ADD WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT TO IT!!! Sounds stupid simple but trust us it works.


ADD STRAWBERRIES & SPARKLING WATER - For a fruity slightly sweet refreshing style daiquiri.

ADD BLUEBERRIES - For a sweet & tart mouth organism.

ADD PEACHES & MINT - For a summer treat so mouth watering it will make you want more.

ADD DOUBLE THE RUM - To get super wasted! LOL!

ADD PINEAPPLE - For a island favorite.

ADD GRAPEFRUIT - Ernest Hemingway would be proud!

The possibilities are endless and the combinations will make your tastebuds spin.

So we challenge you The Colonel of Cocktails, The Lord of Libations, The Duke of Drinks, to come up with a Daiquiri Flavor, post it to social media @leisuremanns, and let the world know how you Daiquiri.


Cheers // CC


Flavor 5 | The Margarita



Firstly, to address the elephant in the room, yes it took us quite some time to release a Margarita mix and yes we understand that you've totally been wanting this one for a while now but good things come to those who wait, right? 

This delayed release was done half out of intention and half out of respect. Not to discount the Margarita or its allusive history but we felt we needed to pay homage to the original gangsters of the cocktail world first and do it right!

Getting back to the Margarita, it is by far one of the worlds most well known, most loved, widely consumed, most tinkered with cocktail on this entire blue planet we call Earth. To put it frankly, what other cocktail can be frozen, on the rocks, straight up, with sugar or salt on the rim, include a beer and pairs well with whatever fruit or food you throw at it...still thinking? None...except for an ice cold Margarita!

Few would think this humble cocktail with such a wide abundance would have such a mysterious past... but it actually does.

The Margarita is steeped in lore dating back to the mid 1930's when it was said an Iowan news editor found a drink, aka "The Tequila Daisy", in a local bar in Tijuana. (Quick Spanish lesson - Margarita = Daisy)

Fast forward through the 40's where Margarita styled drinks were said to originate in multiple bars crafted for everyone from an Ambassador to Germany's daughter (Margarita) to a bar patron allergic to all alcohol except tequila (figure that).

These stories continue until the December 1953 edition of Esquire Magazine, where a recipe for "The Margarita" was officially published for the entire cocktail consuming world to enjoy. The original recipe consisted of 7 parts Tequila: 4 parts Cointreau : 3 parts lime juice. Though outstanding, the original recipe has evolved throughout history to include a few dashes of simple syrup and the integration of various serving methods and styles.

Consistent with true Leisreumann's form, we chose the simple and historical approach, allowing the Tequila to shine providing flavors that compliment instead of overshadow.

When you mix a Leisuremann's Margarita you will be transported back to 1940's Mexico where the Tequila was and still is top notch. Bright citrus notes pop on your tongue as a mellow simple syrup sweetness rounds off this outstanding cocktail.

We recommend mixing a Leisuremann's Margarita on the rocks but definitely try it frozen and straight up; it is equally as good.

In our opinion, not all Margaritas are created equal so why should you have to settle for something that just isn't good. Find your balance with this drink and don't hesitate to be that guy who buys the mini bottle of Tequila on your next Southwest flight or brings a flask of Tequila on your next camping trip.

In the words of a great unnamed cocktail connoisseur, "I wonder if there is a Margarita somewhere out there thinking of me too!" 

Margarita on dudes!

Cheers // Cliff

The Icy Truth


Whether cubed, sphered, squared, tubed, crushed, shaved, rectangular, conical, vanilla, or melted, ice is as pivotal of a component to a great cocktail as the booze itself. 

Ice dates back to the dawn of man. More specifically, ice was always here, we just didn't know how to use it to our advantage.  

Not until the early 1800's did ice really make it debut into beverage culture, being perceived more as a luxury than simply a winter nuisance. 

Throughout the years, the science of mixology has grown utilizing ice to enhance subtle flavors, draw out aromas, and simply boost most of our favorite cocktails. (Get a little more in-depth about ordering terms that revolve around ice with our blog - Know What You're Ordering?)

Cool stuff right? We sure think so.

With that said and with your best interest in mind, we figured it was a little easier to just let Adam Rogers, Articles Editor for Wired and Jennifer Colliau, Beverage Director, The Interval, explain the ins and outs of ice on a segment of Wired's Booze Science.

They REALLY know their stuff.

So take a break, mix a drink, and get your brain in gear from some booze science that will change the way you look at your next cocktail and ice altogether.

Cheers // Cliff

Flavor 4 | The Sazerac



So what happens when a prescribed remedy becomes a crowd pleasing toddy? 

You bring the idea of cocktails to the world!

In the late 1830's, Antoine Peychaud, a Haitian-French pharmacist, did just this in his French Quarter, New Orleans drug store. Already on the map with his popular Peychaud's Bitters, he would combine French Brandy, Absinthe, bitters, and a bit of sugar as a fix for any number of maladies. While it was not known as a Sazerac until the early 1850's, Antoine paved the way for a completely new approach to consuming alcohol, more for enjoyment than medicine.

Just like its younger brother, The Old Fashioned, there are copious variations of the Sazerac through the catacombs of cocktail history. Some uniquely their own while other stand apart. Congruent with this, we designed our Sazerac flavor's profile around the most common variation utilized throughout Louisiana: 

Rye Whiskey, Herbsaint, Bitters, sugar, & a lemon peel garnish.


As our standard mantra goes - Our mix enhances the the alcohol used. So in the case of a Leisuremann's Sazerac...There isn't any better way to drink rye whiskey!

So call your friends, host a vintage party, go on a camp trip, or just relax at home letting the subtle notes of anise, sugar sweetness, and herbaceous bitters warm your palate in this old world classic.

Cheers & see you guys at The New Orleans Bourbon Fest this weekend!


ADVANCED TASTING NOTES - Notes of anise mellow the bite of a rye whiskey's high ABV content. Sweetness from the sugar lets the whiskey warm the palate calmly. On the tail, the herbaceous quality of the bitters comes through with a delicate finishing touch






You might be saying to yourself right now "HELL YEAH" or even "Why is this such a big deal?"

To most people this might just be an average page update but to us and a select few, it's much more.

See, events are the life blood of our business. If we could, we would do an event everyday, everyplace, everywhere on Planet Earth. That would be a little hard but we could manage...right? Think of the jet lag - OUCH!

All joking aside we truly, unequivocally, 100% love, Love, LOVE interacting with our current patrons and new patrons alike. It gets us going. It is like a gift that keeps giving.

Everything from finding out where you went with our mixes to a trip you are planning, we relish in every minute of it and give you a cocktail while we talk.

Like our tagline says - "We go where you go" - No matter if it's camping, hiking, fishing, rocking, space, caravanning, horseback riding, or grandma's house, we want to know and we want to see pictures, either in person on social media, @leisuremanns YEAH!!

To keep this blog short as I could ramble all day, we have a jammed packed 2018 with events spanning everywhere from Lafayette to Baton Rouge and even New Orleans. So add a few to your calendar, come out, stop by, talk, and we promise there will always be enough cocktail mixes and samples to go around.


Cheers till our next event!


P.S. If you know of an event, big or small, near or far that you think we should attend, feel free to drop us a line on social media or via our contact page. Who knows, if everything works out you might even get a little finders fee!



LOL! Kidding! Happy New Year!! Now, let's get back to this Monday thing.

Mondays are great and not at all argued as the best day of the week. (Insert chuckle here!) Today, out of all Mondays is unique. This Monday, of 52, falls on the first day of the year. 

Seriously, dust off that gym membership (shout out to Southern Stone Indoor Climbing Gym), write down some resolutions, listen to some Gary Vaynerchuk, and gear up for whatever wild ride 2018 has in store for you.

Let's back track for a minute to last year at this time. January 1st, 2017 - If someone would have asked us where we thought our little cocktail mix company would go, our response would have probably been something snarky like, "The White House or Space." Though not out of the realm of possibilities, 2017 for us was a year of growing interactions.

Moreover so, experiencing our product through the eyes of its users i.e. interacting with you guys at events (Mid City Makers Market - THUMBS WAY UP!!) , festivals, parties, dinners, social media, and some random chance meetings at restaurants (you know who you are, LOL!). 

Interaction with our patrons is everything to us and living our brand to the fullest is key.

Keeping with the theme, 2018 is going to be packed with so much f&*king interaction that it will make your head spin. In the words of Will Ferrell - "Nobody knows what it means but it's provocative...It gets the people going!!

If you really want a preview, well... here goes, think -  Video Series - Podcast - Crowd Funding - NOLA Bourbon Fest 2018 - Mid City Makers Market 2018 Series - Parties - Contests - Liquor Reviews - New Flavors - Beefy Blogs - Calendar - More Photos of Matt - Trips - Adventure - Suspense - Leisure Lords - Merch - Interviews - Las Vegas - France - Pop's Poboys - Etc.

All Hail Monday - Cheers to 2018  -  Live Long and Prosper!

- Matt & Cliff

P.S. ALL TINS ARE STILL $10 - Through 11:59pm 1/1/2018



'Twas the Night before Cocktailmas

'Twas the night before Cocktailmas, and all through the house;

Not a cocktail was mixed not even an ounce;

The bottles were placed by the chimney with care

In hopes that St. Cocktailmas soon would be there,


The kiddos were nestled all snug in their beds

While visions of presents danced in their heads;

Ma in her PJs and I in my cap,

Had just settled in for a sober winter's nightcap,


When down in the den arose such a clatter,

I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.

Away to the stairs I flew in a flash

Throwing on my robe and combing out my stash


When, what to my eyes should appear,

But a tipsy old man, drunk, smiling from ear to ear


With glee in his laugh so lively with class

I knew in that moment it must be St. Cocktailmas


He spoke not words but went straight to his work.

Mixing, testing, tasting, till he turned with a jerk

Extending his hand in front of his face

He gave me a thumbs up and skedaddled my place


Stumbling to his sleigh, to his team he gave cheer

And away they flew, far from near


But I heard him exclaim, as he rode out of sight,



Flavor 3 | The Bee's Knees

Flavor 3 | The Bee's Knees

Bee's Knees?!?

Yea, you know that classic gin cocktail you have probably never had?

Time you two meet.