what's our story?


People always ask us how we came up with our concept.  The answer: Leisuremann’s began out of necessity.

On a bitter cold hiking adventure in the heights of the Smoky Mountain, myself, Cliff Couvillon, and a group of my college friends, observed a need for a go anywhere, enjoy anytime cocktail mix. Seeking the comforts of home, we attempted a primitive old fashioned with nothing more than orange drink mix, an ancient bottle of bitters, and a little whiskey.

Though a good cocktail in the moment, we realized we could have something great.

Combining our product and graphic design backgrounds, love for adventure, and many hours of field research (aka cocktails), we generated our first mix in the summer of 2016. We have added to our flavor library since then, using only the best natural ingredients with no artificial flavors or colors.

Moreover, all of our mixes are rooted in history and give our patrons a truly authentic classic cocktail experience.

Uncomplicated and easy, simply combine Leisuremann’s cocktail mix, water, and the spirit of your choice to craft a genuine cocktail anywhere on Planet Earth.

Not interested in outdoor life? Use our mixes at home or for large events.  They can easily be used to make a double, triple, or 10x batch. Whatever the size of your event, Leisuremann’s is there to serve!

Overall, Leisuremann’s was started for one simple reason: to have a good time. Most weekends you can find us at an event drinking cocktails, annoying our families, or traveling somewhere on a daring adventure.

We enjoy life every day. Here is your invitation to join us. Get outside, go on an adventure, and enjoy a cocktail while doing so.  At Leisuremann's we go where you go. Cheers!