Bloody Mary

Bright Tomato - Bold Spices - Vodka

The ultimate brunch cocktail!

We all know the situation, 10am, Sunday morning, hungover at brunch, what do you order?

A Bloody Mary of course.

Originally created in 1930’s Paris at an American themed bar to be exact, the Bloody Mary was equal parts tomato juice and vodka. Sort of created half out of necessity and half out of the want for something new, the Bloody Mary began to gain speed throughout bars across the world.

As it grew in popularity the drink morphed, prompting bartenders to use new ingredients such as red pepper, black pepper, sea salt, celery, lemon, and Worcestershire sauce to give the libation a more rounded flavor.

Thus giving birth to the modern Blood Mary.

Nowadays you can find a Bloody Mary on most if not all menus throughout the world. Sporting monickers like #1 or World’s best or even the dreaded BOTTOMLESS!

Some people enjoy the tomato flavor whereas some order it for the majestic spectacle that is THE GARNISH.

We say, there’s no wrong or right way to drink a Bloody Mary, just drinking a Bloody Mary is a battle won!

TASTING NOTES: A Leisuremann's Bloody Mary is bold, celebrating the blend of tomato, spices like celery, red pepper, Worcestershire sauce, sea salt, and vodka. Created to be a refreshing and not vodka forward, our Bloody Mary mix shines with flavor all the way through. This cocktail is best served on the rocks aka poured over ice. Garnish with anything from a celery sprig to a hamburger. The choice is yours - Cheers!

BLOODY MARY ACROSS THE WORLD: Did you know that Canada has a national Bloody Mary mix called The Caesar. Combining traditional Bloody Mary ingredients plus the addition of a Caesar mix (Worcestershire Sauce, Clamato Juice, hot sauce, lime, celery salt, and fresh ground pepper) this is truly a uniquely Canadian take on a classic. In addition to the Caesar one can also enjoy a Bloody Bull. In addition to all the same traditional Bloody Mary ingredients you would add some beef bouillon to the mix to give the drink a deeper and richer flavor.