become a leisuremann's Travel ambassador! 

Not all companies reward adventure and most certainly not many companies give away their product to patrons for FREE in exchange for pictures, blogs, social love, and most importantly brand building (aka drinking cocktails everywhere).

Leisuremann's however is not most companies. We feed on adventure and want those around us to do the same. 

The gist of The Leisuremann's Travel Ambassador Program is simple. You travel, adventure, hike, camp, trip, fly, vacation, holiday, weekend getaway, blog, vlog, or just simple business travel, WE WANT OUR MIXES IN YOUR HANDS! 

As a member of the travel ambassador program you are afforded FREE cocktail mix for your adventures. The only catch is that we ask you to document your use of our mix on your travels. We want the good, bad, and the indifferent. To us, simply taking our mix with you is a win! 

To be considered for the program, fill out the forms below, submit your application, and we will seed you a ping shortly to set up a call.

Nervous? Why? It's really just us giving you free stuff.

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