The Original

Licorice Bitters - Simple Syrup - Whiskey

A mysterious elixir steeped in cocktail history.

Legend has it that when the cocktail was first created it was done so in such a way, with such intoxicating flavors that mankind never could look back or in history’s case - stop drinking them!

First being coined in 1806 as “Cock Tail” this “sugar, water, bitters, & spirit” based concoction filled the hearts and minds of imbibers, giving them the electric jolt they needed and much desired. Fast forward through history and the cocktail picks up steam showing up in places like New Orleans, New York, Paris, Rome and throughout the world. Each city putting its own unique twist on the original 4 ingredient recipe.

Though the flavors are strong…there is no reason to be scared. All it takes to master The Original is a little curiosity, a keen sense of adventure, and a love for everything cocktails. Cheers!

TASTING NOTES: A Leisuremann's Original celebrates the harmonious blend between Whiskey, licorice bitters and cane sugar simple syrup. Instead of overshadowing the Whiskey, we celebrate it in a way that honors cocktail tradition and echoes old world charm. This cocktail is best served on neat, straight up or on the rocks - Cheers!