RS#1 : The Gold Rush

24k Gold - Tart Lemon – Honey Simple Syrup – Bourbon

A modern libation with classic roots.

The Gold Rush, unlike other centuries old classics, is the new kid on the block. Though new to the game The Gold Rush packs a punch and has flavor profiles rooted in classic cocktail history.

Originally created in the mid/early 2000s by T.J. Siegal at the Manhattan Milk & Honey Club, the flavor profiles used in The Gold Rush date back for hundreds of years, loosely reminiscent of a traditional whiskey sour or Gin based Bee’s Knees.

When we tried this cocktail for the first time we knew we were smitten. With tart lemon and deep honey simple syrup, Bourbon sure has a sweet new friend.

To liven it up and sort of with the “Why the hell not” attitude we added 24K GOLD. That’s right each jar of The Gold Rush has LOADS of actual 24K edible gold. After mixing a drink hold it up to the light and be totally amazed as the 24k gold sparkle and dances in your glass. Cheers!