Old Fashioned

Bitters - Simple Syrup - Orange - Bourbon

The father of the modern cocktail!

With a storied history dating back to 1806, the Old Fashioned is truly one of the worlds oldest cocktails. Straightforward and simple, our Old Fashioned mix is designed to recreate the same satisfying cocktail experience found in some of the earliest Old Fashioned recipes.

Our mix does not mask the subtle flavors and aromas in your favorite bourbon or whiskey, but simply refines the drinking experience by adding a slight cane sugar sweetness, aromatic bitters, and expressed citrus notes for one hell of an old world cocktail experience.

TASTING NOTES: A Leisuremann's Old Fashioned gives you what you want. A real, bonafide Old Fashioned cocktail in portable traveling form. Striking the balance between sweetness, citrus, bitters, and bourbon makes this humble drink mix shine. This cocktail is best served on the rocks, straight up, or neat - Cheers!