This past year has been a whirlwind of work, laughter, tears, progress, regress, cocktails, adventures, and most of all, FUN!!


Never in our wildest dreams did we think that in just 2 short years we would have taken our small cocktail mix company to the places we have. Frankly, our minds are blown every time we think about it.

From releasing 3 new flavors this year, yes three, to getting our mixes on the shelves of local and national retailers, to countless adventures and then finding out our mixes have been to 5 of the 7 continents (Europe, South America, North America, Asia, Australia), we could not be more proud and honestly, more humble.


Thank you to everyone who drank, laughed, bought, and had a great time with us this year.

THE REAL QUESTION STILL LOOMS…What can you expect in 2019?

Well, let’s just say things are going to get FUCKING EPIC!! Pardon the profanity, LOL!

Cheers to a Happy & Safe New Year!

//Leisuremann’s Crew (Cliff & Mic)

Know What You're Ordering?

Know what you're ordering?

"Don't be afraid, it's just a cocktails"... Should be what most people say to themselves before placing an order for a drink at a bar, right?

Honestly, when asked, most individuals have limited knowledge of what they are actually ordering or the terminology behind drink orders. Though cocktail history is deeply rooted, having just an general knowledge of key terms and practices can not only aid but make your overall cocktail experience that much more enjoyable.

When ordering utilize the spirit first chaser second rule unless the cocktail/drink of your choice has an official name (ex. Old Fashioned or Dark & Stormy) or you prefer a single spirit, which we will get into later. Instead of telling your bartender you would like a cranberry vodka, use your confident voice and state "I would like a vodka cranberry". Also, don't be afraid to be specific. I would like a Ketel One and cranberry or an Absolut and cranberry. This shows your bartender that you didn't get off the 21 train yesterday and affords you the grand opportunity to make the "call" on your own cocktail. Hence the term "call" brands vs "well" liquors, but thats for a different blog.

In conjunction with proper ordering, knowing how you like your spirits served, is crucial. Though terminology varies from bar to bar, city to city, spirit to spirit, and even bartender to bartender, a few cocktail serving methods hold true.

Neat - A single spirit that is unmixed as well as not chilled. This is usually reserved for spirits that by their nature are best served and enjoyed at room temperature.

On the Rocks - A single spirit that is served on or over ice. This is usually reserved for drinks or spirits that are enjoyed cold and with the addition of melting ice brings flavor profiles not achieved neat.

Up or Straight Up - A libation that is shaken or stirred with ice, strained and served sans ice. This is usually reserved for specific spirits and cocktails and is either at the discretion of the bartender or the patron.

Cocktail or Mixed Drinks - An alcoholic beverage crafted of varying ingredients and spirits not limited to flavor or amount that is uniquely its own. Most are named. Refer to them by name and trust your bartender as they usually are the experts. Let your pallet for cocktails roam free!

At Leisuremann's we want you to have an excellent cocktail experience no matter where you go. We sample our mix on the rocks, as we find the slightly cold and mellow melting of an ice cube lends subtle flavor profiles not achieved when consumed neat. With that said, enjoy how you please. The beauty of our mix, as well as most cocktails, is that you can make them your own. Try new things, new spirits, new ratios and overall have the cocktail adventure you desire.

Remember Keep Calm and Cocktail On!



Knowing Your Limits

A year or so back, I was invited to do a winter hike in one of my favorite outdoor spots, The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. As a self proclaimed outdoorsman, I quickly accepted the invitation, thus starting the tedious process of checking my gear, packing and preparing for what would be one hell of an adventure.

The trip started with an early 4a.m. departure from Lafayette and one solid clear directive - Make it to the Smoky Mountain Brewery in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee before night fall. After 12+ hours of driving, we eventually made it into town, a little past sunset, greeted by the promise of cold temperatures and delicious beer. The exact details of that night at the brewery live in legend, but can be summed up as followed: Beer - Pizza - Music! Shout out to Chad McWilliams - total Boss! 


The next morning we awoke feeling slightly hungover but ready to tackle whatever mother nature could throw at us. This year's hike started a little different, we had gathered knowledge earlier in the morning that the road leading to our usual trail, Alum Cave Trail, was closed due to a catastrophic event. Instead of turning away at this ominous sign we pressed on, taking the scenic, less hiked, Rainbow Falls Trail, instead. For those not familiar with the area, Rainbow Falls Trail is a beautiful 6.6 miles (total lie) of scenic overlooks and up hill hiking. Sort of a hikers dream, right?  

Hiking conditions that morning were sunny and calm but as the day and hike progressed temperatures started to plummet and an apocalyptic haze rolled in making the trail look more like an scene from The Bourne Identity and less like a beautiful portion of the Appalachian Trail.


With an ambient air temperature below 20° we trudged on, tackling frozen waterfalls, ice slicks, deep snow, and damn near treacherous uphill hiking for miles, breaking only to eat when we could. 

Around hours 3 of hiking, feeling somewhere between confused and out of my mind, my body started to shut down. The struggle was real, I literally hit limit.

I remember distinctly, every three or four steps I had to rest, covered in sweat, shivering, cold, breathing heavy, reaching for calories, water, literally standing in position thinking nothing but listening to the voice in my head telling me to "Sit down...take a break...close my eyes and rest."

I was experiencing what countless individuals whom have been in this situation experience, "The little voice in your head. I heard it clearer than any voice in my whole life. Those words were so real, so vivid. All I wanted to do was give in.

In that moment, if it wasn't for my mates, in front of and behind me, pushing through, encouraging, and enduring the same struggle I was enduring, I would probably would have turned into a popsicle. 


On the mountain that day, I admittedly hit my upper limit. The struggle of that accent, for me, was real but for others not so much. Unarguably, each person has their own limits and pushing oneself to those limits is the only way to discover what they truly are. 

- Cliff