Improvements, New Mixes, and Why Not Use the Oxford Comma?

Not sure what the Oxford Comma is?  The Grammarly Blog post about it does a great job explaining it.

Moving on.


1. Less mess is best.

Spilling is our number one product complaint.  In turn, this is the number one thing we have sought to improve through the beginning of 2017. Our Leisuremann's Anti-Abuse Campaign is driven to eliminate the two main factors:  The packaging is opaque and lacks head space.

Lets break it down.

If you cannot see that Leisuremanns is a powder and/or cannot confirm that it has settled in the tin properly, you have a potential mess.  Additionally, not having ample distance between the top of the product and rim of the tin increases the chances of spilling.

Enter new packaging.  Clear bases, Screw tops, ample "necked down" head space, protective cushion seal, and scoop holding fanciness. Check it out!


2.  Ingredient Improvements.

We are currently testing some new ingredients in our Old Fashioned mix that is going to improve our products resistance to heat, oxygen, and time; not to mention bringing our flavor profile from "Man, that's good" to "Man, that is scary good".

Bonus good news - All our ingredients now are all natural and contain no artificial colors or flavors!

New Mix!

Before I reveal the flavor - I want to say thank you to all our tasters, fans, and patrons that shared their input.  We meshed our company's vision with the feedback we received form all of you.

Once again a BIG Thank you!

Nevertheless, we have a new flavor!  Fans of the Old Fashioned, meet the Classic Daiquiri.

Leisuremanns Classic Daiquiri.JPG

It is simple and sweet, and that is the beauty of it.  The mild lime aromas and flavors are ready to ride shotgun with any silver rum.  This time tested combo will provide you with a refreshing and mobile classic cocktail experience. Not to our surprise, we enjoy it with one of our local brands, Sweet Crude produced by Rank Wildcat Distilleries, but any good quality silver rum would do the trick. Overall, The Classic Daiquiri mix is designed to work well with the clear liquors.  Do not hesitate to explore it with the likes of Tequila, vodka, or gin!

Hope everyone's Spring has been as pleasant as it has been here in Southwest Louisiana. Usually by this point the humidity and heat is comparable to that of The Degobah System in The Empire strikes Back

Oh - One more thing: If you are a Lafayette local, stop in at Genterie Supply Co.  You can find our product exclusively in this store. He has a ton of great products in a fantastic location. Make sure to stop in when you find yourself downtown.

Support local business when you can!

Thanks guys,