Flavor 5 | The Margarita



Firstly, to address the elephant in the room, yes it took us quite some time to release a Margarita mix and yes we understand that you've totally been wanting this one for a while now but good things come to those who wait, right? 

This delayed release was done half out of intention and half out of respect. Not to discount the Margarita or its allusive history but we felt we needed to pay homage to the original gangsters of the cocktail world first and do it right!

Getting back to the Margarita, it is by far one of the worlds most well known, most loved, widely consumed, most tinkered with cocktail on this entire blue planet we call Earth. To put it frankly, what other cocktail can be frozen, on the rocks, straight up, with sugar or salt on the rim, include a beer and pairs well with whatever fruit or food you throw at it...still thinking? None...except for an ice cold Margarita!

Few would think this humble cocktail with such a wide abundance would have such a mysterious past... but it actually does.

The Margarita is steeped in lore dating back to the mid 1930's when it was said an Iowan news editor found a drink, aka "The Tequila Daisy", in a local bar in Tijuana. (Quick Spanish lesson - Margarita = Daisy)

Fast forward through the 40's where Margarita styled drinks were said to originate in multiple bars crafted for everyone from an Ambassador to Germany's daughter (Margarita) to a bar patron allergic to all alcohol except tequila (figure that).

These stories continue until the December 1953 edition of Esquire Magazine, where a recipe for "The Margarita" was officially published for the entire cocktail consuming world to enjoy. The original recipe consisted of 7 parts Tequila: 4 parts Cointreau : 3 parts lime juice. Though outstanding, the original recipe has evolved throughout history to include a few dashes of simple syrup and the integration of various serving methods and styles.

Consistent with true Leisreumann's form, we chose the simple and historical approach, allowing the Tequila to shine providing flavors that compliment instead of overshadow.

When you mix a Leisuremann's Margarita you will be transported back to 1940's Mexico where the Tequila was and still is top notch. Bright citrus notes pop on your tongue as a mellow simple syrup sweetness rounds off this outstanding cocktail.

We recommend mixing a Leisuremann's Margarita on the rocks but definitely try it frozen and straight up; it is equally as good.

In our opinion, not all Margaritas are created equal so why should you have to settle for something that just isn't good. Find your balance with this drink and don't hesitate to be that guy who buys the mini bottle of Tequila on your next Southwest flight or brings a flask of Tequila on your next camping trip.

In the words of a great unnamed cocktail connoisseur, "I wonder if there is a Margarita somewhere out there thinking of me too!" 

Margarita on dudes!

Cheers // Cliff