The Golden Ratio

"Science is cool...Monsters are not" is a quote from one of my favorite 1980's cult classics, The Monster Squad. Love it or hate it Vice Principal Metzger was right, science is truly cool and and in everything we do, even if we don't realize it.

Fast forward to a bright Saturday in late Summer 2016 when we discovered just how cool science actually was. 

When one sets out to create a product they first need to create a concept statement. This statement defines the need for a certain product. In our case, our concept statement was two fold on one side we defined our product in and out and on the other we were scientists working out a complex theory trying to find a solution.

A solution in our case came in the form of a ratio, time, and a delicious bottle of bourbon. We worked our mixture backways, frontways and even slantways until we found that perfect, Golden Ratio. Not literally the mathematical definition of the Golden Ratio but our Golden Ratio. Like the perfect amount of sugar in your Kool-Aid or the perfect amount of mustard on a hotdog, it was just right.

If you flip your tin over, considering that you have a tin? You will see our Golden Ratio, simply put our recommendation for how Leisuremann's Batch No. 1 | The Old Fashioned should be enjoyed and prepared.

Batch No. 1 for all its worth is scientifically engineered to give you the best mixed Old Fashioned possible. Staying true to its roots and providing you, our patron, an unquestionably cocktail experience.

But wait... we must tell you a little secret... Though our ratio is proven, works and is damn good we embrace experimentation and encourage you to explore and find out what works best for you. Mix 4 scoops, add more water, add more spirit, add ice, or even dare we say make a double. Do what you need to make the cocktail your own and truly enjoy your experience. 

Next time you find yourself atop a distant mountain watching the sun fade remember that science is COOL!