Less About the Mix

Bourbon is traditionally used to make an old fashioned. Whiskey is the most common deviation from that.  

We engineered our mix to compliment these liquors in particular. Our goal was to enhance the liquor experience itself and not overshadow the beautiful subtlety that each brand presents. There is a reason people prefer "Brand A" to "Brand B, C, or D".  Particular aromas, finishes, wood and nut flavors, etc, all play into why you purchase that particular bottle. That seems obvious right?

So why make a product that removes those experiences and enjoyment?

This question played over and over in our head when we sampled various mixes on the market. Not to our surprise, these samplings all did exactly what we expected; they all destroyed the integrity of the liquor. They were not what we call, "Whiskey Forward". It was absolutely critical that our mix did not follow this example.  

As a result, we have seen more experimentation, more quickly, than we would have ever anticipated. I was just discussing recently this deviation with two or my close friends. One choose Irish Whiskey, the other, Gin. Irish whiskey, I can understand to a degree. Gin however, peaked my interest considerably.

Lets not stop there. Lets compound this a bit more.

I prefer to mix my old fashioned with aged rum.  Now we have three, non traditional old fashioneds that are receiving positive marks. The diversity of liquors already being used with Leisuremann's mix was an awesome feeling. This experimentation would have not been possible if we didn't take the "Whiskey Forward" approach to heart. Sure, our mix is going to bring sweetness, citrus, and subtle numerous flavors to your drink. Not enough, however, to compromise the most crucial element of your cocktail.

You want the truth?  You can handle the truth. You are enjoying the liquor.

We wouldn't have it any other way.

Feels good man.

- Matt